Linear projectors

Illuminate beyond.

2 sizes.
2 projectors.

24 x 4 W
4-in-1 RGBL LEDs
12 x 4 W
4-in-1 RGBL LEDs

Available in 2 models. The first with 24 x 4 W LEDs with 12° aperture and 1580 Lux at 5 meters.
The second, with 12 x 4 W LEDs and a 12° aperture for 969 Lux at 5 meters.
The lenses are made of polycarbonate for exceptional luminosity.

This gives designers great flexibility in integrating lighting into different architectural and aesthetic styles.


Aperture close.

VBAR RGBL spotlights feature high-quality RGBL LEDs, offering a wide color gamut and remarkable luminous intensity.

Their 12° aperture enhances the architectural features of a space by evenly illuminating walls.

They are designed to distribute light evenly over the wall surface, avoiding dark or overexposed areas. This contributes to a balanced, coherent aesthetic throughout the space.

VBARs are designed to direct light towards walls.

This reduces glare and creates a more comfortable visual environment, especially in spaces where excessive lighting could be a nuisance.

Visual effect

By playing with the color and intensity of the light emitted by VBARs, it’s possible to create different atmospheres and adapt to the specific needs of each space.


Thanks to their “RGBL” LEDs, CONTEST spotlights are able to produce a wide range of colors, offering optimum creativity. You can choose from an infinite palette of colors to create unique, personalized atmospheres, adapted to every architectural style.

Adding lime (lemon yellow) to combinations of red, green and blue creates new nuances unattainable with traditional RGB mixing. For example, it’s well known that yellow ranges are the weak point of RGB sources.

RGBW (addition of a white LED) raises overall brightness, but at the expense of color saturation. The Lime source (lemon yellow) reduces these shortcomings and achieves unrivalled amber and reds.

Measurements on a VCOB-150RGBL

Union gives

Installing an architectural spotlight can sometimes be a challenge, which is why we’ve thought of everything. The power supply and DMX signal are shared, so wiring is kept to a minimum.

Thanks to our IP67 hybrid cords, connectivity is weatherproof, giving you total peace of mind about the durability and performance of your lighting system.

Economical &

Designed for easy installation and maintenance, their compact, lightweight design simplifies fixture installation. Their robust design ensures optimum durability, reducing maintenance requirements.

Thanks to their LED technology, our linear spotlights are energy-efficient and save money over the long term by reducing electricity consumption.