PAR spotlights

The next-gen

3 sizes
3 models.

With a symmetrical 25° mid-aperture, PAR spotlights in the “Versatile Color” range are available in 3 models: VPAR-70RGBL, VPAR-120RGBL and VPAR150-RGBL.

VPAR-RGBL spotlights project a precise, uniform light onto the target surface, creating dazzling visual effects.
Each RGBL LED offers a full palette of colors, allowing you to create customized atmospheres and play with nuances.

even lighting.

The VPAR-RGBL spotlights shine with their ingenious design, thanks in particular to their symmetrical apertures.

These apertures ensure even light distribution over large areas, perfect for illuminating facades, exhibition spaces or cityscapes.
The symmetrical apertures of VPAR-RGBL floodlights ensure even light distribution, creating welcoming and aesthetically pleasing lighting environments.

This feature makes VPAR-RGBL floodlights an ideal choice for projects requiring consistent illumination over large areas while maintaining precise control over light intensity and color temperature.


Thanks to their “RGBL” LEDs, CONTEST spotlights are able to produce a wide range of colors, offering optimum creativity. You can choose from an infinite palette of colors to create unique, personalized atmospheres to suit every architectural style.

Adding lime (lemon yellow) to combinations of red, green and blue creates new nuances that are unattainable with traditional RGB mixing. For example, it’s well known that yellow ranges are the weak point of RGB sources.

RGBW (addition of a white LED) raises overall brightness, but at the expense of color saturation. The Lime source (lemon yellow) reduces these shortcomings and achieves unrivalled amber and reds.

Measurements on a VCOB-150RGBL

Unity is

Installing an architectural spotlight can sometimes be a challenge, which is why we’ve thought of everything.

The power supply and DMX signal are shared, keeping wiring to a minimum.

Thanks to our IP67 hybrid cords, connectivity is weatherproof, giving you total peace of mind about the durability and performance of your lighting system.

Intelligent and tailored design.

Designed for easy installation and maintenance, their compact, lightweight design simplifies fixture installation. Their robust design ensures optimum durability, reducing maintenance requirements.

Whatever the climatic conditions, VPAR-RGBLs are water and dust-resistant.

and economical.

You can illuminate your buildings and monuments with confidence, knowing that you’re helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

What’s more, our spotlight uses long-life LEDs, which means fewer bulb replacements and less waste.

Thanks to their LED technology, they consume less energy than traditional light sources, reducing operating costs while being environmentally friendly.