Animation projector

The aquatic illusion.

Art in light.

The VH2O-90 is much more than just an architectural spotlight; it’s a revolution in the field of creative lighting.

With its powerful 90 W LED at 7800 K, this spotlight offers exceptional luminosity to enhance your architectural creations.

By simulating caustic effects, it creates a unique, captivating ambience, perfect for adding a touch of magic to any environment.

Hypnotic water effects.

What makes the VH2O-90 truly exceptional is its water animation effect. By simulating light reflections to recreate the illusion of moving water, it brings a touch of magic to any environment.

Whether you use it as the centerpiece of your show or in conjunction with other products, its color and effects wheels guarantee spectacular results.

With hybrid IN and OUT DMX/Power cord connections featuring IP67 plugs, the VH2O-90 offers unrivalled reliability, even in demanding conditions.

Water in Colors!

The VH2O-90 offers you a palette of seven effect colors, ranging from blue to red, green, yellow, white, orange and magenta. These dazzling colors are the brushes of your imagination, allowing you to paint breathtakingly luminous scenes.
What’s more, by playing with the lens, you can bring even more captivating animations to life. These features give you unrivalled artistic control to create light shows that will amaze your audience.
With the VH2O-90, creativity is at your fingertips, and every show becomes a luminous work of art.

Easily connect.

These ingenious connectors carry both DMX information and power, meaning you can daisy-chain your fixtures in the blink of an eye, without hassle or complication.

Whether you want to create a series of synchronized effects or extend your show over long distances, the simplicity of the connection means you can set up your light shows quickly and efficiently.