Wide-aperture projectors

Sculpt your

Dynamic white technology.

VCOB-DW floodlights feature high-quality “Dynamic White” LEDs, offering a color temperature range from 2700 K to 6800 K, as well as remarkable luminous intensity.

Thanks to this innovative “Dynamic White” technology, these spotlights are capable of sublimating architectural details with precise, brilliant illumination.

This extensive range of color temperatures enables you to create customized lighting moods for each project, offering exceptional flexibility in architectural enhancement.

VCOB-DW floodlights are designed for close-range use with a single COB light source.

This configuration enables precise light projection, adapted to the specific needs of close-range architectural lighting.

The use of a single COB source guarantees uniform light distribution, ensuring even illumination of architectural elements, even in the most demanding situations.

Two sizes, unique lighting.

Available in 2 models. The first with 60 W power and 60° aperture, and the second with 120 W power and 50° aperture.



The fixture’s 4 integrated shutters offer great freedom for directing and adjusting the luminous flux according to the specific needs of the project.

This feature makes it possible to highlight specific areas, create light and shadow effects, and play with perspectives to enhance the architecture.

4 easily-adjustable louvers for optimum light control.


Designed for easy installation and maintenance, their compact, lightweight design simplifies fixture installation. Their robust design ensures optimum durability, reducing maintenance requirements.

Thanks to their LED technology, they consume less energy than traditional light sources, reducing operating costs while being environmentally friendly.